Rejoice, Oh Barren!

No Pity Party Affair Woman, Rejoice!

It's okay to weep and feel bitter over your situation, even "Almighty" Jesus weeped in the face of adversity, how much more you. But Hey! I have good news for you!

Anchor Scripture {Galatians 4:27}
"Rejoice, barren woman who bears no children, shout out and cry out, woman who has no birth pang, Because the children of the barren woman now surpass the children of the chosen woman."

'' Aqar'' is the Hebrew word for Barren. It means showing no result of achievement, unproductive, sterile, waste, or desolate.

Mrs Sarah Abraham is a model for all barren cases. God turned her dead womb into a living womb.

Interestingly, there was no record of Sarah tampering her womb in her younger years, neither was it recorded that Abraham suffered from low sperm count during his youthful years.

If you are an expectant mother and you've never tampered with your womb by either indulging in an abortion or the use of harmful pills, it's about that time to continually get down on your knees in prayers and challenge God.

If it's been medically certified that you and your spouse are compatible for baby making with no history of  any ailment whatsoever, go ahead and challenge God! He promised you an inheritance!

...And if you do not fall among the above above mentioned categories, but still believing God for the fruit of the womb, don't waver in the faith! God is in the habit of converting the impossible into the possible.

*errrm...Adoption isn't a discriminable act to indulge in. Bitter as it seems, not every woman is destined to become a biological mum. I've seen many cases where expectant couples yield to adoption, hence creating a perfect happy family.

More so, many people limit being barren to the inability of child bearing. Being barren cuts across that. If you are unproductive in any sphere of your life, you're barren! Only God has the ability to "disbarren" you.

Larch unto His scriptural promises and experience productivity in every area of your life.

Rejoice Oh Barren! Says the word of God.... You're not permitted to be downcast, withdrawn or gloomy.

Have a Fertile day Fam!

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