The 3Ps

Prophesies are utterances from Prophets inspired by God. These divine utterances are manifested at the appointed time. No matter how long it takes, it still comes to pass. From my study, I deduced that prophesies include prayers and paradigm. Prophesies, Prayers, and Paradigm are intertwined. For the purpose of easy assimilation, I'll term them The 3Ps.

- Prophesy constitute gainful forecast or factual prediction. e.g (Isaiah 32:4-5) "No more will fools be made celebrities, nor crooks be rewarded with fame. For fools are fools and that's that."

- Prayer constitute defense mechanisms imbibed to sustain prophesies and ward off demonic antics. e.g (Isaiah 38:2)- "Hezekiah turned away from Isaiah and, facing the wall, prayed to God." (Isaiah 49:8)- "God said, when it time is ripe, I'll answer you, when victory is due, I will help you.''

- Paradigm constitute admonitions, or standard for living when a prophetic word has been uttered. e.g (Isaiah 30:8-9) ''So, go now and write all this down. Put it in a book, so that the record will be there  to instruct the coming generation.''

All the devil tries to do is oppose the modus operandi laid down by God to give men direction.


In the place of Prophesy, the devil retrospects, manipulates and terminates future ploys.

In the place of Prayers, the devil attacks and disengages.

In the place of Paradigm, the devil introduces lawlessness.

After the reign of the prophets in the old testament, God opened the office of Prophets to every human made in his image and likeness.-(Ephesians 4). He made humans speaking beings; a little bit lesser than Him.

At that, the authority to speak life or death into our situation has been vested in every individual.

Just like Jesus in Mark 4:32, be forthright, confident and authoritative about your prophesies and watch your profiting appear to many at the appointed time.

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  1. Great piece, Ellahilz. It's worthy to note that Prophesies are not just fulfilled based only on the authenticity of the source (Prophet/Pastor), but rely majorly on the action of the person(s) who the prophecy are for.Reason we should not rest on our oars after receiving a prophecy, we must pray it to fulfillment, while acting in-line with the Word.


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