What Happens When God Steps In...

- You won't have to negotiate with pharaoh (enemy of progress)

- You'll eliminate the two delusional phrases "what if" and "if only"

- You'll be still (unshaken)

- The foundation-less wall before you will collapse

- Your fear and insecurity will become history

- He'll bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you

- You'll be like the tree planted near the rivers of water bearing fruit in your season and your leaves will not wither

- You'll be like Mount Zion (Never shaken or terrorized)

- You'll be satisfied with long life and good health

- Sorrow and weeping shall disbound

- You'll cross over to fertile ground

- Whatever you lay your hands to do prospers

- You'll do undeniable exploits

- You'll not practice sin

- You'll unceasingly make joyful noises to glorify Him

- You'll multiply and be fruitful

- You'll be a lender and not a borrower

- Incontestable wisdom becomes your trait

- You'll do valiantly and be first in line

- You'll take over territories

- Love will be your yardstick for livelihood

Give way for God to step into your situation and experience all round victory and blessing on every side.

Have a Great day Fam

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