Finish It!


God is not interested in starters, but in finishers. Just like the creation story in Genesis Chapter One, He completed every work He started under six days and rested on the seventh day.   

Which project did you start but yet to conclude? Go back to your work station and tastefully execute them; only the will you reflect God's image as a "finisher".

Anchor Scripture: {Genesis 6:14-16&22}
"Noah did everything God commanded him to do."
Build a ship from teakwood. Make rooms in it. Coat it with pitch inside and out. Make it 450 feet long, seventy-five feet wide, and forty-five feet high. Build a roof for it and put it in a window eighteen inches from the top; put in a door on the side of the ship; and make three decks, lower, middle, and upper.   
"Noah did everything God commanded him to do." 

From the above anchor scripture, we take to cognizance that Noah finished the construction of the gigantic ship he started. It was only when he finished that God's plans became eminent.

Note that Noah was involved in capacity building. The boat he constructed measured 450 feet long, seventy-five feet wide, and forty-five feet high.
It wasn't recorded how long it took Noah to complete the grandiose task, but it was recorded that he finished the work perfectly.

Also in the case of King Solomon, similar execution of task was noted. The magnificent temple he built lasted for  46 years before it was beautifully finished.

Abraham started and finished every tent he built for God.

Apostle Paul started and finished every book/letter. Imagine if he lazied over it? The revelational New Testament of the Bible which we enjoy today wouldn't have been birthed.

Which project did you start with? Does it include a house? A book? A business? The implementation of a divine idea? A foundation? A ministry?... Go back and input all you can to give it a touché finish.

Have a Swell day Fam!

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