No One Serves God At A Loss?

I've heard Spiritual Directors reiterate the above epigram..."No one serves God at a loss." From all I've deduced, it should be rephrased as, "Overall! No one serves God at a loss."

Anchor Scripture: {2Timothy 3:12}
"Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted." 

Serving God is not for the feeble minded. This is why a consistent renewal of the mind is required for the grandiose race ahead.

While thriving to thread in the path of Christ Jesus, there'll be serial rejections, blasphemy, hate, segregation, and all shades of negativity. And just like Apostle Paul, you'll work your fingers to the bone, up half the night moonlighting so that you don't become a burden to others. But after the storm, a pricey reward invigorating God's glory will be accrued.

Uninterestingly, no one explicitly detail the gravity of ''losses'' that tags along with working with/for Christ.  No wonder Jesus wept for the cross to pass over Him, no wonder Elijah was suicidal, no wonder Moses broke the tablet containing the Ten Commandments and struck the rock twice out of frustration, no wonder Jonah fled until he was apprehended, no wonder Saul hid in garbage until he was made king of Israel.

Also note that the journey is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong, nor by natural abilities, because whatever is strengthened can be weakened.

Have you resolved to working for/with god? Painstakingly ignore the distracting messes in between as you fix your tender eyes on the trophy, violently reaching out to grasp it.

Remain consistent, Work strategically, Pray to God to connect you with the right association. Only then will working for God be richly rewarded, hence making you forget all the temporal losses.

Have a Great day Fam!

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  1. I strongly agree with you. Very thoughtful of you. However, I think the epigram still means the same.
    My opinion

  2. @Vivian, @iyke, @Stella, God's blessings guys!


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