Which Are You? A Servant or A Messenger?

A messenger is one who run errands that are beneficial to others, while A Servant is one who serves others; providing help and proffering solutions to their problems.

Anchor Scripture:{Hebrews 1:7} MSG Translation

"The messengers are winds, The Servants are tongues of fire."

Citing the above anchor scripture, it categorically states that messengers are winds; intangible and without a domain. The life of a messenger is determined by the specification or direction of others. A messenger is used and misused. A messenger is accrued with the "See Finish Syndrome" who is at the beck and call of everyone but himself. Even when he is fatigued, he has no say.
A messenger doesn't have any concrete assurance or insurance. Emergencies that spring up disorganizes his intended plan.

But in the case of a servant, His case is different.

A servant is a "tongue of fire" (blazing train) stationed in a domain to serve people and help those in dire need. He is never a wanderer like the messenger. Servants are richly rewarded by their masters if content with their work. When a servant tends to the needs of people, he is compensated. A servant is always sorted out for. A servant is strategically handpicked because he possesses in depth knowledge of a particular craft. He is a problem solver.

Cases like Joseph who worked as a servant and later thrown into prison, but exonerated himself by solving the problem of the king which entailed interpreting his dream is one to take to cognizance. (Genesis 41)

Also, Elisha on the other hand was a loyal servant to Elijah who served him diligently and rose up to accruing a double portioned anointing/manifestation of his master, Elijah, during his own leadership term. (2Kings Chapter 2)

The respective roles of a messenger and a servant can be termed as peasant roles because it entails being subordinate and selflessly sacrificing to meet the needs of others. But hey! apt service (servant hood) cannot be likened to errand runners (messengers).

It's okay to start as a messenger, but never retain the "messenger status" slot for a long time. Step up your game to acquiring the "servant-hood status" where every reward and benefit is rightfully credited to you in the course of service.

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