He Caught Nothing

It'll interest you to know that God is in the habit of trading nothingness to realize bountifulness. The creation story of Genesis Chapter 1 is one to meditate upon.

In the case of Peter who was a fisherman (Luke Chapter 5), he toiled from morning to night and caught nothing until Jesus stepped in with a divine instruction that entailed that Peter cast his hook one last time into the river. Only then did Peter encounter Jesus' extravagant blessing which prompted him to become one of the followers of Jesus.

Also, in the case of Daniel who prayed and fasted for three months because of the berating state of Jerusalem, God stepped into his situation by sending an angel his way to give him a confirmatory report that his prayers has been answered. Shockingly, the angel told Daniel in confidence that the angel of Persia (devil) delayed (obstructed) him for three weeks until his arrival, crediting (Warrior) Angel Micheal for intervening *See Daniel Chapter 10 for the full account.

Nothingness/Emptiness, Delay, and Stagnation is the handwork of the devil. Do not be discouraged by his antics, rather be persistent in prayer like Daniel, Obey God's instruction like Peter and work strategically hard like Paul while trusting God to visit you and crown your many toils with extravagant returns.

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