Nobody is permitted to make you feel insecure without your permission.

Anchor Scripture: {James 3:16}
"For where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there."

Insecurity is tantamount to envy and other evil exhibition.

In my teenage years, I battled with the most obscene type of insecurity. Whatever negative remark people made about me threw me into my shell.

Affiliating with the rich kids was an impossible thing for me, I thought I was less of a human being than they were. Their vacation tales intensified the squash.

I remember one Adeyojun boy telling me I had fat legs. His unruly words made me feel bad about my legs until I gained admission into university and many endorsed my legs commending it as; full, smooth, straight and beautiful. They even told me they wished they had my pair of legs. It made me feel good about my legs!

Also, during my secondary school days as a boarding student, a female roommate occasionally made jest of my boobs, she said they were small and that my future husband would have a bad time accepting me (most girls/women pass through this awful phase). It made me feel bad about my body, until later in my university days when a female friend who saw me undressing said I had beautiful perky firm boobs. She said hers caused her so much back pain and discomfort and wouldn't mind trading hers for mine. Funny right?
Ironically, the guys were always on my case. My female roommate in boarding school lied. Every positivity I was surrounded with boosted my self esteem.

Likewise, most fat people deal with acute insecurity. Petite and broke guys are not excluded from the equation.

As I began to mature and larch in the word of God, I began to feel great about my body and general composition. Knowing I was the reflection of God's image and receiving several commendation that I was beautiful made me regret my insecure days as a teenager.

"Comparison breeds insecurity issues that were never issues in the first place."- Ellahillz

Only people dealing with complex or insecurity issues undergo plastic surgeries to looking nothing like God but everything like another person.

It is low self esteem to envy others!

Not everyone will like you, but those who will, will do that like their life depends on it. Quit the battle, everyone can't like you. And if they do, then there is a serious problem on ground that shouldn't be neglected.

When you realize every individual is unique in their differences and made in the image and likeness of God, you'll become unapologetically comfortable in your skin, hence focusing on your strength and ignoring your weakness.

Remember Moses was a stutterer and Paul had a thorn in his flesh. Their imperfect-perfect-flaws worked in their favour and distinguished them. Imagine if they wallowed in discontent, envy and gross comparison, history wouldn't have been fair to them.

Eliminate every shade of insecure trait and find solace in the arms of God who promises to give eternal security.

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful.

Have a Fab day Fam!

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  1. So so true, all you've said. The only key to getting out of the mess that insecurity brings is by accepting who you are. Nobody else is expected to accept your person when yourself don't. This is because in life, there is somebody better than you and there is someone you are better than in every wise.
    Nice reading from you!


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