Don't Run Errands Connected With Your Old Life

 It's been proven that most people who run errands connected with their old lives end up obliging to the old lifestyle they resolved never to indulge in.

Anchor Scripture: {Romans 6:13}

"Don't even run little errands that are connected with that old way of life. Throw yourself wholeheartedly and full time - remember, you've been raised from the dead!- into God's way of doing things."

From the above anchor scripture, we understand that running a little errand connected with your old life makes you vulnerable to the devil. The devil isn't looking for a large opening to execute his ploy, he is looking for the tiniest loophole to take advantage of. Be careful!

A certain young lady who opted out of prostitution a.k.a runs and gave her life to Christ while she waited on Mr Perfect to tag along in anticipation of a befitting end. This lady was doing progressively well but failed to do away with her old friends who still continued in the prostituting business. She continued to house them each time each time they were in town.

Soon, greed began to set in. She became envious of the huge sum of money her friends realized each time they set out for ''The Easy Virtue Life''. She was surrounded with bad air and negative vibes who polluted her new godly ways, gradually, she began to deviate until she fully returned to her old ways and is not sorry for actions.

Which ill habit did you resolve not to engage in at the beginning of the year but failed woefully trying to keep up with? Which illegal business did you resolve to quit but you're still addicted to staying because of the juicy returns? Which relationship did you do away with only to be back at it because of the fear of remaining single?
It's time to wave an eternal goodbye and allow God rule, because, the devil unrelentingly attacks every commitment made with God. Don't be a victim.

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  1. It is indeed a time to say goodbye. We found out when Elijah called Elisha into the ministry, after the ceremonies of feast he had with his people, he burnt his plowing instrument. He never wished to come back to farming.
    Anytime we make any decision towards a better life, the bridge that connected us with such past lives need be burnt down.

    It was a nice read Ella, happy weekend.

  2. @chukwuma, thanks for the add. Super thanks as well for visiting Ellahillz Blog.


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