Not All Sin Is Fatal

"Sin is sin but some sins are more fatal than other sins."- E.Hillz

*This post is not a gateway to choosing bitty sins because of its lower consequences. As a matter of fact, intentionally sinning is more perilous. Also, all sin will be punished accordingly by the just judge.

Anchor Scripture: 1John5:17
"Everything we do wrong is sin, but not all sin is fatal." MSG Translation
"All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin which does not lead to death." GNB

Killing an individual and stealing an individual's pen are both sin but both don't accrue the same punishment.

In a law court, justice is served according to the degree of misconduct, how much more God who is a Just Judge and the Judge of all judges.

Don't go around "prostituting" or "gigloing' and expecting the same punishment accrued to the person that steals a piece of meat from a cooking pot. Also, don't go about telling grievous lies in the name of "yahoo yahoo" and expecting the same punishment with the person that tells a white lie.  

"All sin have consequences''
As Christians, we do not have business indulging in sin.

People conceived and brought into life by God don't make a practice of sin-1John3:9 

Abiding in the word makes us whole and leads us in the way that makes our path shine ever bright until the perfect day.

As we go about doing good, let's avoid sin and every avenue of sin.

Have a SIN-FREE day guys! *winks


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