And The Winner Is.......

Ran a very short interview with our only winner on the post titled "Are You Giving The Wrong Answer?" Bet you were inspired by that powerful post. Oh well, I never make empty promises. There was an interesting puzzle attached to the piece and I gave a preceding rule governing how i'll select my winner.

There is it. you have it!.. The juicy package included I featured him on the blog with a recharge card to go with it. Our cute gentleman was in shock when I told I was going to feature him on the blog and all he did was give me serious advance thanks. lol... When my Blog Fam is Happy, Ellahillz is super excited. To those that gave me the right answer on bbm, pele, bbm is not my platform. Ellahillz Blog is. No vex too much.

Had a brief interview with him, and He disclosed the following;

His name is Okonkwo Goodnews
A student of Anambra state University studying Political Science
Hails from Umudim nnewi in Anambra State
From a wonderful family of four. Dad, Mum, Himself and a Younger Brother
His kind-hearted and a cheerful giver
His hobbies include playing and seeing movies
Baba says he's not a fan of reading but he's in love with anything that has to do with ICT
He like/loves transperency, honesty and ultimately his boo Nnenna Chiokwe (me sef  go luv too oo, e no easy, it's not a small something
He dislike disorderliness
One more thing, he doesn't joke with family
ehen.... baba is a 6footer, he he..6'3ft to be precise, He's got great looks, a lover of God and humanity, You'll definitely love him.

Another picture of him after the cut.

Of course you've had a good look at his profile and if you wish to be friends with Goodnews, You could add him on BBM on 2AF0BD21., He's no snub and infact will mingle to the highest capacity. Afterall, no man is an island. We all need dem friends to make the world a better and more interesting place to live in.

Have a great day guys.

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