It'll End In Praise

I don't know what you're going through, I don't care about it either, as a matter of utmost fact, it's irrelevant to me. I was sent to tell of you, It Would End In Praise....Did you just doubt? I said it would end in praise!..I want a believing AMEN!..

Permit me to tell you what praise does;

* It magnifies God

* It boosts God

* It extends the mighty hands of God over us

* It amplifies God

* It heightens God

* It hypes God

We can pray amiss, but we can never praise amiss.

Praise triggers Favour, It gives us access, it's break-forth new dimension, it changes our lives, we live on a brand new level each time we give praise to The Most High.

I urge all of you to  spend "24 minutes" of the 24 hours God has blessed you with today, praising God Whether Christian or Muslim. As far as I'm concerned, we serve only One God. Do this and experience first hand a 24 hour cyclical miracle on what the lord will do in  your life.

Happy Sunday Dearies, enjoy every bit of your day. Remain Blessed Forever>>>


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