Who Is Ready To Play??? Introducing To All of You, The, "Getting it right challenge"


    Yesterday, I said I was going to give you ....... Here it is, officially introducing the "Getting It Right Challenge"! Don't ever say, it won't work, keep saying repeatedly, It must work,Good luck..

There are going to be only seven steps to the getting it right challenge.

#Step 1:  Spend the first seven minutes with The Almighty daily thanking him for the brand new day.

#Step 2: Read at least one chapter of the Holy Bible daily. (the lazy ones can read a verse, read a                      portion of the scripture, that's all) lol

#Step 3: Meditate daily. (think of random stuffs of what you read in the papers or on blogs about                    accident victims, the destitute, happy moments, sad moments,etc..Trust me, You'll be                        thankful for all you have.

#Step 4: Never be ungrateful

#Step 5: Show love and with a cheerful heart..Just Smile, you don't have all the problem in the world..

#Step 6: Try to abstain from every shade of negativity..(Adultery, lies,gossips, fornication,  malice,                  making out, masturbation, gossips, back-stabing, hypocrisy, etc. the list is too long jor..Just              make your own list, pick your weakness and work on them.

#Step 7: Dab jor...we made it and are good to go...

Yes, Yes, Yes

One more thing;

I hope I inspired ready hearts today...Remain awesome Fam!


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