You Can Mean What You Don't Say But Don't Ever Say What You Don't Mean

The definitionof the terminology breakup; In the Oxford English Mini-dictionary which was my major source while trying to do this post didn't have such word as breakup, it possessed break, break-in and break down.

But then I decided to ask google shortly before this post to be very sure if the terminology was a right word and indeed it was. From my later study, I discovered it was a term added to the dictionary because of the popularity of the term. Now, Google defined it this way:
noun: breakup
  1. the separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections.
    "the break-up of the Ottoman Empire"
    synonyms:separation, split, split-up, parting, parting of the ways, estrangement, rift,rupture, breach; More
     Well, back to my me Area of concentration, the word Break which is where i'm interested in is where other conjuctions associated with Break emerged from. It is a very deep word and you'll understand as you read through.

"According to my Oxford Dictionary", A Break means to;

1. Separate or cause to separate as a result of a blow or strain.

2.  Fail to keep a promise or law.

3.  Crush defeat (literally an end in a fight with strong consequences attached to it).

4.  Reveal bad new.

5.  Surrender.

It would interest you to know that all the terms breakthroughs, breakups, breakdowns etc all emerged from the parent word Break. Relationship between humans would be my yardstick for an explicit analysis to give meaning to the word, Break.
A Break shouldn't be looked down on, the word should be used only when it's the real deal and of course should be allowed to play it's role. You should have zero doubt while declaring that very deep word. Every(all) meditation(s) should be done before the word is pronounced. There may be a change of heart afterwards but that isn't your business. You should focus on why you decided to call it off and examine whether it's worth it overall.

The word Break can be affiliated to tangible and intangible things too. They are not just associated with Humans. Permit me to add that they can be used easily on non-living things, but with Humans, it's a different ball game entirely because of the composition of Humans.

Allow me teach you. You should never accept  the intention or thought of bringing forth the word "a lil break while in a relationship'' , it can do more harm than good, it can kill all that's beautiful, it is the wrongest thing to do and the worst approach methodology since time memorial. Reason is this, there are consequence(s) attached to that powerful word, Break.

You are in for deep soup when you say the word but never meant it. It's never going to be about you but about the party(ies) directly involved and affected. Words make, words destroy too, they are that powerful. You ever any iota of doubt, refresh your mind to the creation story where God made(created) everything with his words, hands are very vital parts of our composition as humans and animals but God didn't use them to create through declaration  neither do humans do.

A Break is good and in some occasion is the perfect thing to do. It disconnects you from the "kill joys", things(people) without a future, things(people) without a purpose, things(people) without an impact, things(people) you don't like and are not connected with or to, things(people) that are negativity filled and ultimately, things(people) that would never make you a better version of yourself.
 Forgiveness is a different ball game entirely and doesn't affect the message i'm trying to pass across.It's a subject on it's own, I don't intend to deliberate on it, at-least not today.

There is a huge difference between forcing something to work and fighting for it to work. The former will never work, it will result to a tragic and epic fail, the latter will emerge victorious because there was a mutual connection between both parties that triggered the communal fight. That is a good fight!.  

Are you fighting the good fight in every ramification of your life?

Are you insecure about something that is toxic to your system but still clinging on for fear of the unknown?

Are you living a "not so ideal life" because of the influence of  people around you?

Then there's need to fill in the gap. Apply a Break where needed and apply a Make where needed too.

You can mean what you don't say (especially when a good thing is involved), but don't say what you don't me (excluding during pranks but not when the word Break is involved).


Yours Truly,

Your Girl,


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