I don't care If your 2015 was good. God will Blow your Mind This Year

Don't know about you, my mind is on fire already!

Dr. Jasmin Sculark, a.k.a Dr Jazz a.k.a Daughter Of Thunder(founder of Dr. Jazz Ministries) was at it today. She set the congregation on fire! She came to Nigeria all the way from the United States to electrify the city of Abuja through The Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA).

Under her thunderous anointing I was privileged to gain access to, I decree and prophesy that God will blow your mind this year. Amen!. God will open doors nobody can shut and shut some doors that are good to you but not good for you.

It doesn't matter where you worship, It's who you worship.(you are are safety guaranteed if it's God the most high) Did you catch that?

It;s just a matter the time, I assure you that your glaring and glamorous divine manifestation is just right beside you, be nice and welcome her in through humility, a cheerful heart and power, she'll definitely blow your mind.

Just like King David, God gave him everything amidst his "flaws and all" and couple with the fact that he wasn't qualified. God would make all of you qualified candidates to encounter this divine shift. This won't come easy. You'll have to strength to receive all dem goodies.

God is aware that we are weaklings with little strength, but little strength doesn't mean no strength. He has promised to help us all the way. Therefore, we are encouraged to use our little strength to the best of our ability in order to attain results.

God will endorse you in 2016, Breakthrough may not necessarily be your portion because it involves you using a whole lot of energy before becoming conquerors, but open doors will, because God automatically clears our path and paves way with zero skin pain experienced by whoever is concerned. But then, there is only one consequence to enjoy all of this supernaturally, We must live a just life. A life void of evil and unruly behaviours.

"Doors don't answer to familiarity, they answer to keys" (Rev. Biodun Fatoyinbo). Keys don't expire, Little keys open big buildings too . The key is in your palm already, don't ever lose it. Use it!

Our eyes shouldn't be fixed in the battle but in the triumph

What's your excuse? Nothing.

Kindest Regards,

Your Girl,


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