Life As We See Or Know It

Life has so many things it throws right at us, but as a conqueror, our duty is to overcome. That's what makes or puts us above every real life situation. Discipline is key, forgiveness is divine, and love is ultimate.

Waiting till an uneasy situation teaches us a lesson isn't what smart people should indulge in, wise people learn from others and use all of "the avoiding technique" acquired, to become a better version of themselves and whoever they are trying to emulate. This could be a near,distant or inaccessible mentor or role model.

Life is a phase, it's a trap, we all we pass through it. Real life situations has taught me that none will remain in it. Be wise, utilize all of it, do good, learn from the old, young and just anything, so much learning is entailed, the scout or search for knowledge never really ends you know, let your action and result do the talking, live and let live,eat good food, tour the world if you have the finances, pamper yourself real good, drink plenty water, maintain a personal relationship with God(very important), trash all grudge, ignore the irrelevant,Stay Humble.....

To those that believe in heaven and earth, Now, tell me why you fully utilize and enjoy planet Earth?


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