Labour Always Gives Room For Favour......yeah, all the time

Labour is good but over dose of it can hurt us. Favour always break rules or protocols on our behalf, Favour is God's divine backing.

Labour doesn't necessary entail that we work so hard. It entails we work smartly, intelligently and ultimately with God, whereby we work jointly with and in Him.

I bet you're familiar with the popular slogan, "Do your best and leave the rest"...Yeah, we should labour in our own way and leave the rest for the favour of the Lord to take over. It works better than magic.

You're toiling so hard with little or no result to show for it? Then you need to re-strategize. You need to do things differently, learn new things, under-go training on the particular skill or desire if possible and watch God do his thing.

God is obsessed with new things. God brings out tones of messages from every messy situation.

Have an awesome week Lovelies...

May the favour of the Lord rest upon you, Amen.


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