Giving God Advance Praise....#Have A Unique New Month Guys!

Praise is a joyful expression of delight over the goodness of the Lord. Praise boosts the ego of God. Praise is a joyful act that switches us from a zero to a Hero and you know what, Praise is contagious. Your praise has to make somebody else jealous enough to join you in the act.

God can do all things but Praise. God can't praise Himself, therefore when we indulge in that, we are releasing an overflow of goodness, mercy and loads of goodies upon ourselves.

Do you know God can change the climate for us because of praise?  Let me try again. Do you know God can change our situation, no matter the situation, including that "impossible kinda situation" because of praise? I'll highlight some examples to back up my point; Do you know the walls of Jericho fell flat because of praise? Do you know David was the only man after God's heart till date because of the numerous praise he sang to, danced to, and wrote? You're doubting?, You should read the book of Psalms.

Praise hypes God, It magnifies, boosts, extends, amplifies and heightens God. Sometime we can pray amiss but do you know we almost never praise amiss.

Praise triggers Favour (Proverbs 5:12)...Do you know you start going down when you stop Praising/Lifting God?

When we are praising God, we should focus on the numerous thing God has done for us, and give him advance praise for things we are expectant of which The Almighty is yet to do and is so aware of. For our God in most time takes his time to test our patience and loyalty, may act really slow, may allow some trials consume us, may allow us encounter loss, may allow the devil torment us, may allow people do unfair stuffs to us, may dance to his tune and not ours, But I'm here to give you hope this morning...My God Is Never Late!

Your Truly.

P:S How could I forget to wish you all an amazing new month??

    Do you know that..

I look foward to wishing You all a happy new month exactly like this unqiue month of February  in next 823 years. loool...  #Team vampire tins...

Have a great month guys...I care about you and I appreciate you...Let's make stuffs happen this month in our individual, family and relationship life. Yes we can..

*chei..I haf late for work today #final goodbye jor..*smiles

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  1. Wonderful thoughts and perspective. Many thanks for sharing and best wishes!

  2. @dami,*plenri hugs* @Blogoratti, you're most welcome dear. Amen

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