Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Not Only Your Body Need Food, Your Spirit Does Too

                               Here's a dessert for you

You eat good food and your Spirit is starving ? You need an upgrade honey. You need to step it all up. You can start somewhere. consistent baby-steps leads to mature-adult steps. Most of  you wouldn't be able to relate until that personal relationship with The Most High is instilled. I encourage all of you to start small while embarking on this supernatural journey. You wouldn't understand, till you get there. It works!

I was a victim of being "lukewarm" at some point while feeding my spirit and I can compare and contrast the ever glaring manifestation in my life when I made the best decision of my life to give God my everything, my life; literally, technically and physically changed forever. God wants you to give him a hundred,He wants your all, he wants the overall best after much evaluation and scrutiny.

                      Now, here is the full course meal....Enjoy!

Feeding of the Spirit gives you an edge all the time, It makes you different from the rest, you learn new things about yourself, the hidden man in you resurfaces, you imagine the unimaginable, hear the inaudible and encounter life's changing experiences of a life time.

* Need to rest my head for a bit right about now. Dr Mike Murdock landed in Nigeria today, he touched every sphere of my life and I'm yet to recover from the mind blowing encounter.
Love you loads honey, Ellahillz Blog would shake the world some day. Best Belief. Together we can make this a reality. No blogging without you, Thank you!


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