Brace Up! You Just Have To Say Goodbye To The Oldies..

One of the numerous books of  T. D Jakes titled "When Power Meets Potential"  I recently read inspired me to do today's post, and it will only be selfish of me not to share with some of you that need it, a great piece from that awesome goodie bag.

Like the two powerful men of the Holy Bible named Elijah and Elisha. Elijah had Power while Elisha had potential. Elijah earlier had the potential that led to him being very powerful, but Elisha was a budding chap with loads of potentials.

Power notices Potential when it comes in contact with it. Potential needs to display consistent shades of itself all the time to win the heart of Power, so that  Power never lets go, and Potential doesn't remain unnoticed. Individuals with potential(s) aren't lazy people, they aren't people-pleasers, they never force themselves on other people because they feel they are way superior than they are and have loads of  material benefits to obtain from them, rather, they give a hundred percent commitment to whatever affects them positively which can't be separated from them. Their area of interest and utmost dedication includes; upholding family goals, a dedicated combo of a hard-worker and a smart-worker in their  field or career, job satisfaction, in-depth happiness and a whole list of other personal activity(ies) they are composed of.

When Power meets or intertwines with Potential, an explosive outbreak is evidenced and glaring to all, it will affects the friends you keep, the books you read, the places you visit, the utterances you let out of you mouth, the clothes you wear and every ramification of your life. It entails saying  good-bye to the old version of yourself, old routines, old ways, old friends and even old jobs. you don't get to ever look back to those past after that divine event.

Until you reach that melting point, you'll never understand. Are you potential certified and on verge of casting into the abies all you carry? Don't ever do that, remain consistent and do what you love, power would catch up with you in no time, and some day, and when that happens, you'll have the influence to make a difference in the world.

Elisha rose to being twice as powerful as Elijah, so shall you...To all the Elisha's in the house, Are You Ready???

Yours Truly


  1. I always look forward to your posts. ☺

  2. @Damilola, awwwh, that touching..I'm grateful beyond words sis...Thankyou!


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