Today Was Indeed Spirit Filled!, A day To Remember And Never Forget.

I was privileged to see and have a good look/stare and to my fill at the "so much talked about Mummy Adejumo a.k.a Divine  Messenger like she rightly claimed". I not only saw her on a firsthand basis, I entered a divine encounter with her firsthand.

To the j.j.c's like myself who do not know Mummy Adejumo, she is Rev.Mrs Funke Adejumo, founder of Agape ministries, mother of four biological children and blessed with many other children, married to her prince charming; they are 27 years in the game of the lord and still counting with bliss, a stounge lover of God, a mentor, a woman of faith, confidence and substance, a mother and my adopted mother."I adopted her today, the 4th day of January 2015", he he don't  "who no like better thing"? I do lovelies...lest I forget to tell, I broke the record today, I'm no j.j.c no more *left eyed wink, with a left sided smile to follow *

She shared so many powerful insights, to the not so lucky people who missed it, you can't really get the real deal, but the consolation prize is that you got me.Thank God for me and that you have me, right??. lol. I'll be kind enough to be generous with some messages and tips. Of course, I can't tell you all, I am not Mummy Adejumo, I am Ellahillz.

Caption:    "The Wonders Of 2016 In Our Tribe"

----Tips we should never take for granted

*We are not the strong, but only the blessed.  (Deuteronomy 7:7-8)

*Not every church has the approval of heaven.

*We are not perfect but God sees no iniquity in us. (Numbers 23:11)

*We alter, we fall, but our cane is not in the enemy's hand.

*You look like what you look at. (That's my area of interest, I don't know about you),

*Start rehearsing on where we are going to. We are not proud but we know our worth.

*Never handling the drivers seat to another, but not proud.

*The tribe naturalizes me (Affiliate with a tribe, very important. Did you catch that?)

*We may not look like it but we keep pushing it.

*Because we are chosen, they're some things we are entitled to. God will promote us, we are never  stranded. (To the chosen generation, that message is for you)

Now, the message;   "The Five Wonders"

1.  There would be total recovery of losses from the past years.
     (our background doesn't mean our back should be on the ground. To anything we can't afford at          the moment, simply look at it and say, "I'll be back to get you)

2.  Labour will step down for favour. Exodus 12:36
     You can go to the Oxford or Webster dictionary and look up the dictionary meaning of the word          "FAVOUR". I have two definitions for you.

     Mummy Adejumo's definition: The impartial partiality of God
     Daddy Adejumo's definition: To be served first even though it won't go round
     (very deep definitions, right?)

3.  Incredible speed for achievement. Genesis 24:12
     (good speed, on time blessing)

4.  Our tribe/camp shall be free from any kind of evil. Psalm 91:7

5.  Divine assistance will be our trademark.
     (when you enjoy divine assistance, it will look like you know how to do it.God will plant and              position the necessary in our lives)

Prophetic Instruction: "Wait for the GRACE to avoid DISGRACE"
That's an important message to all those that don't wait till the end while at church, there are consequences you know...(If there be an emergency, take permission from God, Mummy Adejumo will understand. lol...I'm yet to seek approval for the emergency statement advise, would do that when I get privileged to ask her one on one, my mouth jokes, I will ask her, and I will give you her response in due time; with God everything is possible, note to self.)

With all of  this, I bet there's already a transfer of anointing to any reader who storms this post by luck, chance or by any form of deliberate act, Amen.

P.S: Mummy Adejumo thrilled me big time. From the beautiful picture on the billboard and in the "joyful noise news letter which I saw, I was expecting to see a very huge person. But like they say, "beautiful things come in small packages"
She didn't look like Goliath, she looked just like King David, very good looking, good height, classy, nice smile, perfect sense of humor, expensive, humble,strong, lover of God, powerful preacher...... I'll return to add more qualities.....When I turn 53, if I looked just the way she looked, God definitely did everything for me.

As she approached the Communion Table, She walked just like my late mum.That crushed me...


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