You've Ever Been Disappointed Before? Now, This Should Be Your Motivator

 Every miracle begins with a Conversation. Disappointment is a Conversation about your Future. Every Conversation Gives Birth....To Something,Perception, Change, Doubt or Faith. "Dr Mike Murdock"

Never give up because of any disappointment(s) whatsoever. the moment you quit, it's all over. that is failure personified. You see, God shows us the end from the beginning, he doesn't show us the mess that we experience in between.The moment you give up, you end your mission on earth. No one was born without a purpose, there is enough to go round.

The above equation tells it all. disappointment can come from anybody you've had too much expectation and confidence in. It could come from yourself as a matter of fact. When it comes to others, never expect too much from them. Why not channel all of that confidence and trust in God who never disappoints and in yourself so as to be used by God.

Disappointments when mastered, are ladders to the manifestation of reality. Disappointments when handled with maturity, gives room for creative thinking, ideas, innovation, achievement of Goals and actualization of Dreams.

Never give up too quickly or easily. You are aware of success stories of most of the prominent men and women in the world who didn't drown in their many disappointments, they kept thriving and smiling at the world till it smiled back at them.

Have a Conversation filled day Lovelies. Stay blessed.



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