But The Devil Is A Liar

Does God ever make mistake(s)? Never has, Never been and Never will be.

Everything, situation or circumstance under the surface of the earth, happens for a reason. whenever things don't go well as planned, especially at the last hours if we were at the verge of getting it sorted out, Rejoice! even with tears streaming down your cheeks, Rejoice!

Oh! If only we knew the secret battles God was fighting on our behalf, we would fall on "bended knees" and weep in excitement. we could mourn all night if that would help ease us,but it's an abomination to wake up feeling like God failed you. For sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Check yourself before you Wreck yourself.

Some people are so good in giving advice(s), but can't advice themselves or shake themselves off the dust when they fall. Young man or woman, you need to Practice what you Preach.
Always remember that those who are called to greatness face great challenges. the setbacks and mess are there to make the story(ies) more juicy and inspirational in the nearest future when they are going to be shared to all. When the devil laughs so hard at you, making you feel so bad and disappointed in God, it's a trap, keep those eyes focused on the Almighty God who doesn't cut short the expectation of the righteous but rather richly repay every loss, for the devil is a Liar!

Yours Truly.


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