Just Before You Say "I Do"

The phrase "I Do" is the most craved phrase throughout the entire human race. The phrase "I Do" is the most used during the exchange of vows and interestingly, it is the most abused phrase(many don't say what they mean and mean what they say).

Unfortunately, there is an upsurge in the statistics of divorce rate as a result of repugnant reasons too numerous to mention.

Oh well, I may not be married but to an extent, I'm experienced in the dating/courting game even though I'm still a work in progress. Therefore, I indulge you to carefully read in-between the lines. *winks

Just before you say "I do" there are steps which you must painstakingly follow. They include the following:

Step 1: Pray fervently and ask God for his guidance and revelation during the courting process. Never be carried away with the 'mills and boom' of the relationship ignoring the warning sign. You'll notice the warning sign and you'll notice the go-ahead sign as well. Be sensitive enough, pay attention.

Step 2; Never use the phrase "I do" as a result of societal-pressure or pressure from family and friends. It's a set-up for doom. Your peace of mind and choice of selection should be ultimatum bearing in mind that these "so called bugs" won't tag along with you during the marital journey.

Step 3: Be readily prepared. The use of tautology here stresses the need to be well prepped up in all the stages which includes the psychological, emotional, financial, behavioural and mental stage. Financial maturity is very important but Psychological, behavioural, financial and mental maturity shouldn't be ignored or paid lesser attention to. As as a matter of fact, they are the sole-triggers of divorce rate. Sequentially, they should appear on the list before finance.

Step 4: Court intensively and extensively. This is to create an upsurge in compatibility and credibility whereby creating an avenue to understand each other's weakness and area of strength. The timing should be quite substantial. Relax and never be a desperado, rather be a commando, aligning with the commandments, principle and teaching of the word. This process shouldn't be rushed(It's an eternal journey), it shouldn't take forever either.

Step 5: Read books, listen to tapes, attend seminars and listen to the counsel of resourced persons who have being successful in the journey. Be open to learning new stuffs and figure out the method that works for you.

Step 6: Communicate effectively. The moment there's a breach in communication, the courting process begins to die a natural death. Couples are advised to talk over pressing issues, resolve conflicts, get acquainted with the other party, familiarize real good to breed undaunted level of compatibility.

Step 7: Be versatile. Be spontaneous. Be a lover of wisdom. Be open to learning new things and methods of tackling issues. Become a better version of you each day. Never stop learning!

Step 8: Desist from tasting "the forbidden fruit" This will fortify, transform and uphold you. More so, there'll be something divinely beautiful to look up to. Never screw up the courting process, it leads to the ultimate "see finish syndrome,"

Step 9: Rehearse Steps 1-8 until you yield a reasonable percentage of result.

Only then are you good to go and safe to use the term "I Do" to that one special person who will forever be the love of your life, soulmate, companion, teammate and your best friend forever.

Trust you had an enlightening read.

Have a productive day Fam!

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