What is God Doing?

It'll interest you to know that most times when we waste time waiting on God, He's in Heaven lounging, shaking His head at us and patiently chilling for us to get started and just make that move.

After the fall of Man(Adam), God discarded man from the garden of Eden. He was merciful while doing that, so He gave him dominion over every other living creature and vested authority and power over him to take charge and dominate.

Taking Dominion entailed that man was/is responsible for naming every living creature, decision making, safe guarding himself and ensuring that his needs are met. God would never descend to planet earth to personally help us, we must do it ourselves. He is forever wise! And to that effect, He ensured that we don't ever get to live in isolation, so He put things in place for us on our behalf.

What is God doing?

*God is waiting for us to set goals, meet them and move on to the next(there's always more to do).
*God is waiting for us to exercise that amount of discipline that will enable us overcome and transcend into the higher realm.
*God is waiting for us to gracefully pass through our development process from crawling to standing to walking to running and to flying if need be.
*God is waiting for us to do it afraid because in His wisdom, He has blessed us with immeasurable strength and capability.
*God is waiting for us to align in His words so that He can reveal His secrets to us with ease.

God is waiting for us!

Anchor Scripture: Deuteronomy 31:8(MSG Translation)
"He's there with You. He won't let you down; He won't leave you. Don't be intimidated. Don't worry."

*Today, let's get started, trusting God to keep up with His promises, and confidently assured that He's with us till the end of time.

Have a pleasant day guys. Yeah! Thank God It's Friday!!

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  1. Hiya Ella.. This is an Encouraging piece Nne.. Thanks for sharing. I recently learned that WITH GOD yeah.. I CAN DO ALL THINGS.. and since then ba.. I stopped worrying and started TRUSTIN.. Thank you for sharing Nne.

    This Line stood out for me.. and amma still it as i leave.. You know nah.. the one you where you came and went and come and goan said;

    "so He PUT things in place for us on our behalf"

    True Ella.. Very True Nne... Cheers. xx


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