Get The Gift Of Goodbye!

Goodbyes are always difficult decisions to make but it's entirely worth it when one isn't obtaining desired results yet drowning in the process because of the fear of hurting the feelings of the other party, not wanting to look like a terrible person and the fear of being lonely.

It's time to say goodbye to;

* Those who don't celebrate you and never have anything nice to say about you.

* That stupid relationship leading you nowhere yet perpetually indulging you in sinful acts.

* Those who live their entire lives talking at your back and smiling at your face.

* That job that gives you zero job satisfaction, yet entails you having to lie, steal, cheat, cover up shady stuffs, play pretend and other negative vices, all in the pursuit of more money to make ends meet.

* That friend who isn't adding value to your life yet corrupting the good manners you still have left.

* Those friends in the habit of demeaning you, instead of upgrading you.

* Those who don't show support and care towards you.

* All the leeches and snitches in your life.

* All the gifted and potential kill-joy personalities you are aware of.

* All the worries, pains, torments, tribulations, anger, hate, pride, war, and every toxic state.

Only then will you realize that life is beautiful and it's not be lived "perfectly ever after" but "happily ever after."

Anchor Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:22
"(Say goodbye) Reject every evil."

Have a great day guys!

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