Fix It!

In one of our previous posts, I deliberated on the difference between "Nonchalantness" and "Worrylessness" In-case you missed it, click Here.

I used to be nonchalant in the past, now I upgraded to being worry-less.

My emotion reflects my writing style, those sensitive enough can relate. Literally, everything inspires me to write.

No human underneath the surface of the planet is perfect. While thriving to obtain perfection, we may end up doing it excellently but never perfect which isn't bad at all.

Well, I have my weakness(es), they are ever glaring before me.

First, Over time, I began to love fashionable dresses, some of them may seem "high risque" and sometimes, subconsciously, I take risks. Reasons why you may get to see me on petite outfits sometimes. The good-news is that I try to do that in the most modest way as possible, growing up in the way of the Lord shaped almost everything that affects me, it awoken my consciousness.

Second, I move on from events too quickly (good or bad). These events doesn't include death oo, I'm the ultimate cry cry baby in that field. lol.
Enough of me!

Well, whatever your weakness is today, Fix It! Indulge the consciousness, do it deliberately, the idea is to attain positive results, which is the sole aim. Never call a bend an end, everything is a continual work in progress because life equates responsibility and we indulge in different shades of responsibility(consciously or unconsciously) every moment of our lives.

*Today, TALK IT OUT, FIX that weakness!

Anchor Scripture: Luke 21:15
"For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which none of your adversaries will be able to withstand or contradict.

Have a Productive day Fam...

No Blogging Without You Guys, Thank You For Visiting!

Side note: I Love Y'all, the emails and the sweet messages from You my ardent readers have being my positive vibe all along, words literally can't express my gratitude, Thank you so so much.


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