Influential Yet Insignificant

*It's going to be a lengthy read. Dare to be patient, read to the end and thank me later, winks.

There lived a bad guy named King Joram. He wasn't a good-bad guy, he was a bad-bad guy. He was the son of late king Ahab a.k.a Jezebel's husband. See 1 Kings 16:29-33 to read about his distasteful record of how he was refereed to by God as the king who got him angrier than all the previous kings of Israel put together. What a monstrous record! lol

Joram was a split image of his late parents but he wasn't as bad as them anyway according to the Bible.

Well he was quite  influential yet insignificant as well because of his terrible leadership and acute disobedience.

The King of Moab rebelled against him(Joram) after the death of his father(Ahab). This prompted him into sending a message across to King Jehoshaphat who was King of Judah at the time, to accompany him to war. Jehoshaphat obliged to Joram's request and a war was declared. The king of Edom tagged along with them as well.

After seven days, they ran out of water for their army and animals. Joram the King of Isreal wailed in a wild cry, "Bad news! God has gotten three Kings out here to dump us in the land of Moab."

But Jehoshaphat the good-wise guy and lover of God simply asked, "Isn't there a prophet of God anywhere through which we can consult God?"

One of the servants of Israel disclosed the name "Elisha" to them, they immediately went in search for Elisha.

At the sight of Joram, Elisha asked him, "What do you and I have in common? Go and consult the puppet prophets of your father and mother." Joram tried to defend himself but Elisha immediately snapped at him saying, "If it weren't for the respect I have for Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't give you the time of the day." See(2 Kings Chapter 3) for the rundown of what transpired.

Joram was influential and at the same time wealthy because he held the highest position at the time as "King of Israel" but we see how Prophet Elisha reduced him to nothing.

Are you INFLUENTIAL, wealthy and have the good life going on for you, yet without an impact? God today is calling you INSIGNIFICANT! What's the point of attaining an influential position yet acting like a puppet prompting others to publicly disrespecting you a great deal?

According to Martin Luther King Jnr, "The success of a man shouldn't be measured on the money he has but by the virtue of his character"

Today, dare to ask questions, dare to be different, dare to have a distinguishing character/personality, dare to make an impact according to your capability, dare to love GOD in an unusual kind of way, and watch success and recognition naturally flow to you.

Have an INFLUENTIAL day guys!

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