You Ingrate!

The first two years of her marital life was entirely blissful until the devil struck which God eventually revived after the brouhaha that lasted for a long long time. Yes, she was in a marriage with an infidel who was unequally yoked with her, the man she was married to went as far as filing for a divorce. Now, the rest is history. God showed up!

As a young girl, she lived in abject poverty, her background wasn't an enviable one, though she managed to scale through university as a law student and was eventually called to bar after Law school. Mr Hubby came along and immediately after Law school, they made it official. Hubby was so rich, he uprooted her from her past life and this time, gave a life, they toured round the globe because Hubby worked with a good firm, and it entailed being transferred him from country to country, and of course, she(Wifey), tagged along with him every damn time.

Her children went to the best schools in the U.S, she lived in a beautiful house, met influential people, had good stuffs going on in her life but she was without a job during the entire process.

She woke up one fateful day after 18 years of  marital life and began to grumble, she mourned, wept uncontrollably and blamed God for allowing her waste away for 18 years without a job to show for it other than being a sit-at-home wife who does nothing but travel round the globe with Hubby.

Then the good Lord arose and said, "You Ingrate! How dare you grumble even in the midst of plenty, I sent a helper who picked you up from the garbage, gave you a life filled with privileges, ensured your children went to the top notch schools, and all you could do is roll over and play dead like a widow who lost it all?"

Well, eventually, she repented of her ill words towards God and aligned in the path of the Most High and Oh Yes, Jesus did it! Today, she's well placed, God replaced everything she thought she missed out in 18 years and gave her multiple reasons to smile once more.

Do you ever feel ungrateful to God because your life isn't going as planned? And you go all ranting... "Lord I do not have a Job! Lord I'm lonely! Lord my mates have flashy cars! Lord I do not have a life partner! Lord I'm broke! Lord I don't have good clothes! Lord, my business is crashing, bla bla bla." Do you remember that your mates are 6 feet underneath the ground? Your mates are in prisons for offences they are innocent of, Your mates are bedridden in hospitals, Your mates are destitutes, Your mates didn't have the privilege of obtaining quality education, Your mates are war victims, Your mates are sexually assaulted, Your mates are going through agonizing stuffs!

Now, think again!

It's about that time you start ignoring what you don't have yet and thanking God for all that you have while being prayerfully expecting and working hard towards stuffs which are lacking because He has promised you double for your trouble.

Deuteronomy 3:16
"Be so strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go before you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you."

*Today, let's display an unusual kind of Gratitude!

Have a great day guys!

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