You Are Not That Important To The Devil

So many are in the habit of consulting Soothe-Sayers who'll constantly reassure them that the devil isn't trying to play games with them, the most painful side of this boring story is that they spend fortunes all in the name of trying to gain clarification.

You see, you are not that important to the devil. As a matter of fact, you almost don't exist in the eyes of the devil, you are too petty for him to handle.

Since his exit from Heaven and the fall of the first man(Adam) whose fall he(devil) wholly masterminded, he has spent the entire human race trying to get back at God.

In truth, he's not interested in you, it's God he's interested in, and because he's so shameless, he constantly reduces himself to acting petty by trying to pick on(steal, kill and destroy) humans. 

God made humans in his image and likeness and to top it up, He loves the entire human race unconditionally, making the devil entire jealous and defensive(remember he used to be God's first love).

The devil goes around trying to put on that defensive mechanism stunt in order to feel relevant with his idle self. And because he's so wise in a petty way, he tries to get at humans in order to anger God and constantly leave God bitter. (The story of Job is a typical illustration).

The only way to get at somebody you detest is to inflict pain on their loved ones and literally, that is what the devil is trying to do with God, and the truth is, he constantly carries out his distasteful task in the most antagonizing way ever.

*Today, Armour up! Don't be a victim of circumstance, Don't be his prey, Don't give the devil that little-tingly space to oppress you, because, an idle mind is the devil's workshop. 

Have a productive day guys! *Today feels like Monday. lol

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