But He Didn't Say You Should Look Dirty

Like they say, "All fingers are not equal" True! but God so kind created Class distinction in his own wisdom to create a balance. Imagine a world with only rich people or only poor people, where no one ever struggled over nothing, life would be so boring at the sight.

Yeah, it's okay to start from the grass-root level and remain there for a while, while trying to re-strategize at the dawn of self-consciousness, but it's not okay to remain at a spot forever, reason is; it's not Biblical, whatever God creates multiplies.

Dirty is synonymous with the word filthy, it is an unclean or unpleasant state or excessive disorderliness exhibited by an individual, which are most times inculcated overtime to become habit.

It will interest you to know that dirtiness comes in grades just like class distinction but dirtiness itself is universal an it doesn't favour no class either. Some rich people are dirty and some poor people are dirty as well.

Dirtiness in most situation is related to laziness. Being rich and busy or being  poor and disorganized shouldn't be an excuse to exhibit dirtiness.

Remember, You're addressed the way you dress.

Anchor Scripture: Exodus 19:10
"Then the lord told Moses, "Go down and prepare the people for my arrival. Consecrate them today and tomorrow, and have them wash their clothing"

From the above scripture, God can't stand dirtiness of no form. Looking dirty to approach God in church is disrespectful and a no no. You represent God everywhere you go, therefore, dirtiness isn't allowed because He didn't say you should look dirty.

Have a refreshing day guys!

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