Blank Cheque

A blank cheque is a signed cheque with the amount left for the payee to fill in. It is an unlimited amount of freedom.

The above definition which is theoretical is intertwined with the definition of  God's given blank cheque in the spiritual realm.

A blank cheque is usually issued.

God created each and everyone of us, issued unto us a blank cheque to carefully fill all we crave for. Likening it to the second definition of a blank cheque, we are entitled to an unlimited amount of freedom while filling it.

The idea is to fill it carefully, and the good thing about this blank cheque is that you can erase any error and fill in the appropriate detail. This blank cheque is "destiny based."

It's unfortunate that most people do not specifically write all that needs to be written in their own blank cheque, therefore just living life as it comes without actualizing destiny which is the appalling scenario many get themselves involved in. This blank cheque is given without a price tag, we are given unlimited freedom to tap into divine bliss.

While filling this blank cheque, the law of attraction shouldn't be ruled out. The law of attraction states that whatever you crave the most is what you have the most. Like magnet, it is a new thought of philosophy used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their lives.

Now imagine when you involve God into the equation, It's entirely going to be a certified touche.

*Today, let's carefully fill in our blank cheques, bearing in mind that you'll have to pass through God to wholly obtain every content of all that was penned down.

Have a graceful day guys!  *Muah

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