Steel In The Spine

A steel in the spine is an idiomatic expression which literally means high dose of motivation, morale surge or anything that gives one the "gingered" effect.

At a point in our lives, we all need that morale surge(steel in the spine) that will give us the positive vibe to anticipate victory while preparing to confront it. It could be a competition, a contest or the hosting of a grand event. It could be anything historic and more.

King Hezekiah who was referred to, as the best King ever lived in the city of Judah (See,2 Chronicles 31:20) was in the habit of empowering his subjects with the highest level of morale surge whenever it was time for a warfare. Most importantly, he didn't eliminate God out of the equation. As a matter of fact, he put God first, and then went on to do what he knew how to do best. God continually instilled divine wisdom unto him to fuel up whatever activity he got himself engaged in.

When we read through 2 Chronicles Chapter 30,31 and 32, we see how God continually gave him victory on every side and success in everything he did.

Are you in that room full of demeaning remarks, other than a room filled with moral surge, it's time to get out of that room, you don't belong there.

Words with morale surge sparks up the giant in us. Words empower, words disempower too!

*Today, live life fully motivated, bearing in mind that potential is always at zero and it needs a force to push it to kinetic. Get out of that awkward room and begin to hunt for where you'll get that kinetic effect.

Have a dope day guys!

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