Never Mess Up The Protocol

Protocol is the official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of the state or diplomatic occasions.

Every environment  has its own protocol. Out of pride, temperament or whatever the case may be, never mess up the protocol by going contrary.

First; We must ask and receive wisdom from God in order to apply discernment accordingly.

Second; We must study our environment.

Third; We must be sensitive enough to know when to distract, react and listen.

Fourth; Some environment entails that we put up our best behaviour even when we may have to pretend about it; this is to obtain required result.

Fifth; We must follow due process always. This due process must be applied to the numerous works of life we engage in continually
e.g;i. You must first study intensively and even extensively to pass examinations.
      ii. One must prepare adequately before dishing out a presentation.
      iii. Following the due process of  writing letters, filling required forms and applying the waiting                game technique while on the mission of visiting distinguished persons is required.
      iv. Embarking on an interview requires sufficient preparation.
      v. You must first date, then court, before sealing the deal officially.
      vi. You'll have to watch before learning or look before you leap etc.

Protocols are standards set to guide us and must be followed accordingly to obtain positive results. Today and onward, let's never mess up the protocol in any environment we find ourselves in.

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