You Can Be Replaced!

Dating back to the the creation story in Genesis Chapter 1, we see how God not only replaced Lucifer but discarded him forever. Lucifer was said to be God's right hand man, because he was the closest to God.

Yea! he got great looks too, and a shining light beamed in his countenance that made him shine ever bright but there was one thing, he wanted to be on the same page with God where he'll be involved in every decision making on to run the universe.

Greed set in, envy pulled through, jealousy found its way in, and pride ruined everything.

Thing is, he was ungrateful, God gave him authority over other angels, God granted unto him high definition I.Q(Intelligence Quota), God blessed him with good form, God dispensed Authority free of charge to him, God gave him freedom, God ensured he lacked nothing, God blessed him with every good thing... but most importantly, God loved him dearly.

Then, he rebelled against God; The Alpha and Omega, The Mighty Man In Battle, The Lion Of The Tribe of Judah, The I Am That I Am, The Mighty Counselor, The Prince Of Peace, The Jealous God! And lost it all...

You can be skillful, graceful, unique in all ramification, charming, gifted in all your dealings, diligent, a staunch  lover of God, yet disdainfully proud, forgetting pretty soon that God gives and He takes, and always has a better upgrade and that You Can Be Replaced.

*Today, indulge meekness(teachableness)and allow God do the lifting up at His perfect timing.

Have a graceful day guys!

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  1. Good....everybody is a runner; everybody is a winner. Tracing back to the genesis of your formation in your mother's womb,millions of sperms were set at a race.You eventually won by being the first to fertilized the egg. You were then born with unique qualities of a winner and endowed with full potentialities. THEN...another race was set. This race now took another form. The first was just to win but this new race is to explore who you are in the midst of other billion runners.
    "You are not him; he is not you". Learn who you are and be who you are. You can never be REPLACED unless you want to...Never allow HIM to replace you show Him you are capable of being who He had destined you to be. Be a runner...; run to win; run to explore; run to be YOU. Run guys..! run...!!


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