You've ever laboured so hard, toiled tirelessly to attain a certain degree of accomplishment on behalf of others, only for you to return to the proposed destination of where your mission is to kick-start, and meet everyone who you've painstakingly laboured for living in vulgar obscenity of the highest order.

Well, you are not alone, that was the fate of Ezra.

Baba hustled big time for the people of Israel, gathered all the treasures he could from King Darius and his advisories. In excitement, hurriedly returned to Israel to unveil all he had in store for them only to get his heart broken by the level of betrayal. (See Ezra Chapter 9 for the full gist)

Ripping off one's robe was the social norm of expressing mourning at the time, but Ezra's epic mourning was entirely historic because he not only ripped off his robes and his cape, he pulled hair out of his head and beard. *Imagine doing that to have a feel of his agony

In the end, they mourned bitterly alongside Ezra, repented of their sins, resolved never to indulge in their sinful activities and freely gave up themselves for sanctioning.

*Today, tread in the right path and infuse loyalty especially towards parents, guardians or sponsors thriving so hard for your good. This way, avoiding every shade complication because you never know who's heart you'll be shattering.

Have a blessed day guys!

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