Some Sweet Words To Kick-Start Your Day

     Be the best. Be number one!

- If you want to change your way of living, you have to change your way of thinking.

-The mind is a battlefield, our actions are results of our hearts.

- Don't become a product of the negativity around you.

- Change comes from the inside before it begins to manifest on the outside.

- The gift of the Holy-Spirit gives you remembrance. Embrace it.

- Don't be lazy, You have to lay hands on yourself.

- Go after treasure not trash.

- Never use others people's way of life to wholly judge yours, you'll get messed up.

- Accuracy is the word of God. Align with the perfect word.

- You can't change what you can't identify. Identify that error today and fix the loophole.

- Activate yourself. No one is going to do that for you. You are the sole proprietor of the navigation process.

- Money without purpose is materialism.

Trust this "Paula White" inspired piece lightened up your day and gave you the perfect juicy tonic for the week and beyond.

Have a fab day guys!

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