Smooth Over Regular Or Regular Over Smooth

By now, we should be aware that God is in the habit of picking nobodies and making them somebodies. Typical example is Rahab "the prostitute" who became transformed, not so many are aware that Jesus came from her lineage.

To be elevated by God, we must first experience the dimensional shift from the "regular" to the "smooth" this way, we become qualified to operate in the realm He specially designed for us. David used "smooth stones" to fight Goliath and not "regular stones" and we see how God crowned him with victory.

You think you still operate in the regular realm? It's about that time to smoothen yourself real good so that God can use you to do great and mighty works. God is forever by our side "chilling" for us to make up our minds and become useful, for He has given us dominion over the earth, provision to actualize any dream, and people around us, because we were not structured to live in isolation.

Therefore, we are responsible for anything that goes wrong in our respective lives. It's our duty to right every wrong, waiting on God to physically come down from heaven to help us out is only a waste of time and wishful thinking.

Today, let's choose smooth over regular.

*Have a great day guys.

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