The Promise Land Wasn't Wholly "Milkish and "Honeyish" Afterall

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The "Promise Land" wasn't entirely a land of convenience after all. Yes, it was a land flowing with milk and honey but No, it wasn't a bed of roses.

In order to retain their territory and dominate surrounding countries which was rightly handed over to them by God, they needed to fight and ward off their enemies. They entirely got physical, embarked on numerous warfare that were overly intense with lots of bloodshed. It was a messy situation and  It lingered for many years.  *See Joshua Chapters 2-14 for explicit rundown.

You see, whatever is given to you by God requires a steady fight to acquire, this type of fight is usually deliberate, it equally entails fighting in the good way, in the right manner and with the ultimate divine map scripted to stand the face of time.

Did God grant them perfect rest afterwards? Oh yes he did!

       The Promise Land!

After the warfare and  allocation of inheritance to all the tribe of Israel including the Levites, God gave them rest on all sides. He vowed that not a single enemy will be able to stand up to them. God handed their enemies over to them on a platter.

This explains why the present day Israel experience a supernatural kind of peaceful atmosphere and have never experienced rainfall since time memorial till date, yet, richly produce maximum resources that goes round to all.

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