The Waiting Game

The waiting game is the ability to wait on greatness and to wait for greatness.

It is the "Test Phase." This phase is usually the most agonizing if not properly manged, reason is, so much sacrifice has being put into play already, and the idea is to be patient till whenever "Greatness" makes up its mind to attend to us, but unfortunately, most people opt out at this phase which is usually tragic. You see, best belief is that when the game is all over, it's always a touche!

I have this mentor who is in the habit of waiting on/for "Greatness," he is very skillful in the act because he has entirely mastered the skills overtime, and this motivates me greatly.

One fateful day, a meeting with "Greatness" was scheduled for, after the waiting game phase which was a success, the location of this meeting was to be held in the U.K and it was indeed an exciting trip to look forward to. Flight tickets were booked, shopping at the grocery was entailed, other appointments were cancelled, every other thing that needed urgent attention was left pending, this was to establish a common ground with "Greatness" and do exploits.

Few days later, he(my mentor) left Nigeria for London. On his arrival, he was notified to lodge in a different hotel and at a different location which wasn't the initial plan, this he did with high spirits, almost immediately, another call from "Greatness" pulls through and it says, "We'll meet in the next two days," the "Waiting Game Master" was patient enough to understand the ever busy schedule of Greatness and obliged. Day three came along and "Greatness" puts through another call, this time, Greatness said, "I'm on my way to the U.S, can we reschedule when you get back to Nigeria?

I trust most of us will do ''great and terrible things'' all in one if we were in that unpleasant circumstance, but, truth is, over-stretched degree of patience while mastering "The Waiting Game" is entailed and top on its numerous unpleasant rules.


The "Waiting Game Master" made his way back to Nigeria, and while he was still at the airport, a heavy credit bank alert popped up on his cell phone, switching that disappointing pain to an appointing gain.

Amazingly beautiful right? What's your excuse?

Worldwide, so many people are too impatient while waiting to receive a reward for hard-work but the trick about this reality check is that most times, it will never come easy but it will entirely worth the wait. "The Waiting Game" may not pay off now or when we want it to, but it'll pop up when we are least expectant and will pay off greatly for a job/sacrifice/hard-work well executed.

*Winks. Keep enjoying your great weekend guys.

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