My Next Mistake...

Growing up was a bit adventurous for me, but not entirely. Funny how I look back and see how much stuff could happen in one year.

My life from year 2012-2013 took a dimensional type of change. A lot transpired, it was a different level of tour for me. I had this "friend" who influenced me with the saying, "Don't put your eggs in one basket, enjoy it while it lasts" Oh yes, it's a He. lol, smh.

There were some people I encountered who I knew "oh! this one is going to be my next mistake" Even with the consciousness of knowing exactly what I was doing and still knowing what I wanted, my manner of approach towards the situation was entirely wrong. I was continually stuck between people I really liked who didn't believe "me and my truth that seemed like a lie" and people I didn't like at all but they were all on my case. I wasn't a bad person, yet wasn't upright, so many people had the wrong impression about me at the time. Well, all I was literally doing was, "Trying not to put my eggs in one basket"  Immature me!

The old me would be like, "He's not the one I'm looking for, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts, while still trying to give him a benefit of doubt no matter how short the time frame was going to be" The new me would say, "Naa, babygirl, no way, I ain't taking no compromise, I don't really like this one, so I'm not  even starting what I know I'm not finishing."

In 2014, I made up mind to end the entire drama, I couldn't cope, that wasn't me, I thought to myself, "I'm naturally not a drama queen nor a pretender, I can't keep up!" From the moment I made that decision, magic didn't automatically happen, but with time, everything began to fall in place, only then did I realize that there was too much to learn at my end.

Are you in a relationship but fully aware that it's your next mistake? make up your mind, It's time to get out now! Trust me, stuff isn't worth it. Are you still clinging because of the thoughts of being alone? Some companionship ain't worth it, thing is, the right things begin to happen when you eliminate the wrong and conform in the right dimension.

Ultimately praying and believing God for the best no matter the timing is key! Most times, He's usually a slow God, but I assure you today that He's never a late God.

Have a great day guys.

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