Lust Department

To lust means to have strong desire for someone. It could also mean a general want or longing, not necessarily sexual.

Department could be referred to as division of  a large organization such as a government, division, or business, dealing with a specific area of activity.

Oh well, The post title "Lust Department" is dwelling solely on the first meaning of the terminology "lust." and would critically analyse it in it's "department."

Lust department is usually the road to illicit sex.  Lust is often confused with love and has no lasting effect.

Lust is holistically mistaken for love in our present age and time. An unknown person defined lust, as when you "love only what you see on the outside," and love, as when you "lust for what's on the inside." You'll agree with me that this is a "soul definition."

Statistically, it's being proven that men are visually stimulated, therefore, it takes a good man with the right orientation to be able to exercise a certain amount of control and a good woman to aid him in the process of attaining that high level of discipline which is the desired goal. Women, too, are not exempted from the "lust department," social media platforms hasn't made it easier, it has done more harm than good in this sphere.

Lust can be found in every facet of life and needs to be managed to attain outstanding results.

Tips for making a dimensional U-turn from the lust department includes the following;

*Acknowledging God and asking for his direction and aid.
*Learning to keep your pants on and maintaining a healthy conversation.
*Setting goals and standards before going into any form of relationship (romantic, business or platonic).
*Dressing decently, Modesty has being termed "Hottest" of all ages.
*Having a company while visiting the internet(for those who have suffered from porn addiction in the past).
*Having a chaperon if need be(for those in a committed relationship).
*Striving to live a life of integrity (ultimately learning to grow).
*Good decision and good friends.
*Maintaining and exercising a high level of self control.
*Rehearsing the above lines over and over again till you can't fault.  *winks

Have a lust-free day and a love-full day guys.

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