The Path To Getting It Right

A path is a way or track laid down for walking or made by continual treading.

There are different paths. They include the path to success, the path to healthy living, the path to righteousness, the path to academic excellence, the path to craving indulgence, the list goes on...

"The Path To Getting It Right" may involve tons of trial and errors but with continual dedication and deliberate steps, it'll definitely be a hit.

The path to getting it right is most times lonely, distractions could spring up posed as people who crave hasty gratification and tread consciously or unconsciously in the wrong path. These set of "distractions" only want you out and about with them when it's convenient for them. Immediately they realize beyond reasonable doubt you were the wrong number they accidentally dialed, it's allover.

There's a reason they're called distractions, they make you question whether you're indeed getting it right,they fault whatever your opinion may be in a personalized manner to suit themselves. Like I said, they're distractions and distractions should be left as distractions.

Well, distractions could be converted to attractions, these attractions, could be either negative or positive pending on the "prey" and the "tribe'' they emanate from.

The path to getting it right is a tough one, the idea is to keep being deliberate on the new habits you've inculcated till you don't have to be deliberate about it no more because taking steps backward to the older path is pure demotion from a Hero to a Zero.

Like my Mama used to continually reiterate, "there are two types of pains, pains of discipline and pains of regret." The ball is forever in our possession, toss wisely.

1Corinthians 15:33
"Be not deceived: evil communication corrupts good manners."

Have a great day guys.

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