The Operation Of Salt Of The Earth + "Plenri" Pictures

Salt of the Earth isn't a religious nor a profit organisation. It is a ministry or better still a community guided by spiritual principles which constitute vibrant members with great talents and big dreams who aren't lazy. The idea is to come together to solve each others need so that "Not a person among us is needy" (Acts 4:34). It equally entails that other charitable deeds are done to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and also, talents and ideas exhibited by our members are summed-up to make a difference and effect change in our country and in the world at large.

According to Mother Theresa, "No one can feed everybody but everybody can feed some one" and also, "If you can't feed a hundred, feed one."  This entails that we can help at least one person no matter the level we're currently at.

Salt Of The Earth kick-started it's outreach on the 23rd of March 2016. The Federal University Of Nigeria Owerri in Imo State Nigeria, was the first school to be visited to create the awareness and scout for youths that could make a difference. There was a hostel visitation and thereafter, a visitation at school.

                                  Ellahillz (Founder/President of Salt Of The Earth)

                                   We were leaving one of the hostels and heading to the institution

      My amazing volunteers Ifeanyi Nzerem "Buzz" and Elijah Ndianefo displaying their "back side"

                                            I'm such a copycat *smiles

                                                  My babies and I

                                         I can love picture tins ehn *smiles

We set out for school after our small "photo shoot session".  We totally forgot to take selfies with the inmates of the hostel. It was a long interactive talk with those bunch of talent, thank God I came equipped. lol *I for fall my hand.

We got to our destination eventually, most of the FUTO students were having lectures, so we went to a faculty where they  were awaiting their lecturer and I seized the opportunity to give them an extensive lecture on the mission and intention of Salt Of The Earth. Those young lads were so good and the dialogue was so on point.

Selfies with some of them...

   Just "negodu" the way I fitted in like an undergraduate. *Old Mama Smallie Youngie. lol

                             From the left: Elijah, Esther, "Forgotten his name", Ifeanyi and Ellahillz

The outing was a  successful one, and then I headed to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Unizik students were having their exams so we had to manage the situation. I spoke to some students and my baby sister, Lucy Nzelu who is a 300 level student of Banking and Finance helped me out with the rest.

I wasn't able to take selfies with the students because of the examination pressure and all.

       My team mate Stanley Onyenemezu and I at Unizik after talking to the students we could access                                                        and chilling for my sister to return.

                                      My support system eventually returned

and then we headed for home...

But hey, we made some fun videos to make ourselves feel good jawi, *We definitely deserved some rest after the outing.

Some screenshots below. I'll be posting some of the videos we made on the official Instagram page of Salt Of The Earth @saltoftheearth_1

                                     My Baby sister and I trying to choose the best songs for the moment

                               I smiled at her and said "That's Frank Edward"

                                We were dancing to work work work *covers face

                               Don't try my clique oo, we would so submerge you. lol

And later that night during some small scouting, I found Ikechukwu!

                                                  Ikechukwu and I

Okereke Ikechukwu is a 400 level student studying Engineering at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka in Anambra State. He is multi-talented. He sings amazingly good, writes, and can compose great poems amidst his many gifting. He went as far as composing a quick song for "Salt Of the Earth", and some other stunts, he entirely blew my mind away, I was awwwhing all the way. How I found him remains divinely structured. lol . Look forward to the Instagram videos.

More pics after the cut...

                                               Ellahillz, Ikechukwu and Lucy

                                       Lucy and I had so many reasons to smile that night. lol        

It was a two day tour between Owerri and Awka, so excited it was worth it eventually, and like I say all the time, more needs to be done, expect some more subsequently. 

The motto of Salt Of The Earth is "Raising Royalties" and our mission as SALT is to be sweeteners, add spice and make a difference of all time for the love of humanity.

Everything about us is entirely symbolic including our t.shirts. *winks

You think you have the burning desire and passion to grow, serve, meet great people, help and in-turn get helped, then sending an email across to or placing a direct call to 08060141150 wouldn't be a bad idea. Be rest assured that it would definitely be an opportunity of a life time. The selection process is a sensitive one because we have set rules, norms and standards guiding the community. 

Follow us on Instagram @saltoftheearth_1, on Facebook, on Twitter@ellahillz. Our official page for Twitter and Facebook would be created as soon our number takes a dimensional shift, it's in the making already, so stay glued. Our Whatsapp group page is as lit as ever.
For inquiries, send an email or place a call to the above contacts. 

Salt Of The Earth....Raising Royalties #Not a person among us is needy.

No Blogging without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. Great vision. May God help you as you put a smile on faces and may your lives be sweetened as well. Btw, if i find u, i'm stealing that bag of yours.

  2. great work.....too bad i no follow una snap...lolz


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