You Give It Your All But Never Waste Your Time In The Process

              Perfect reason why you shouldn't waste your time

Errrm, I dunno what it is, but some friends have made me their relationship counselor, they go as far as giving me confidential details, and in my head, I'm like why do this people trust me this much, why did they choose me? Well, it's the Lord's doing.

On Wednesday at about 11 pm, a friend's call pulls through and this friend begins to complain to me about how his ex continually cheated and in the name of love still reciprocated unconditional love, in short, he terms her as "my cheating ex" *some guys can love hard sha. lol. Uninterestingly, that relationship died and never resurrected. Funny thing is that this my good friend keeps bragging about how he loves unconditionally and gives it his all in every relationship he found himself until whenever "babygirl" wakes up and says she's not doing again. smh

Was he wrong for loving unconditionally? No. Was he continually stupid in love? I would have said hell yes! but let me totally eradicate the hell and leave my answer as Yes!

While in a committed relationship, love hard all you want but never waste your time, be wise and mature enough  not to dwell solely on your "unconditional love" rather find out if it's mutual. Ladies have a way of pretending for federation but if you're sensitive enough, you'll find out, good-news is that she won't always pretend for too long, but when she loves, trust me on this one, she will do and undo just for you.

There's more to a relationship than just mere love. As a matter of fact, love is nurtured to maturity too. Are you compatible? Is it mutual? How in-depth is your partner's spirituality? Will there be growth? Will it be a good fight? Will it glorify God? Will it be worthy of emulation? These and more rhetorical questions will you continually examine your conscience with.

I've grown to realize that every relationship is an investment, so choose wisely, invest right but never waste your time in the process bearing in mind that God detests waste.

*Gen 2:18 "And the Lord said, it is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a helper(companion) suitable for him"

*Ephesians 5:11 "Do not waste your time on useless works, mere busy works, the barren pursuit of darkness"

Have a resourceful day guys and do not "west" your time. *winks

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