How To Live

How to live entirely subscribes the "Law of Vision."

The law of vision entails the following;

- Don't let life choose for you
- Live decisively
- Live deliberately
- Live passionately
- Live profitably

Vision lacks life until it's put on paper.

Habakkuk 2:1-2
"What cannot be defined cannot be discovered, write the vision, make it plain."

* Read your vision or goal continuously, consistently; possibly daily
* Give it a date
* Do something daily about the vision or goal
* Connect your life's purpose and vision frequently
* Deliberately associate with people of vision and disconnect with vision-less people (Association determines acceleration)
* Commit the actualization of vision into God's hands

Vision is key to life, therefore vision determines our future, it gives us every reason to visualize; to see the ultimate is to survive the immediate. How far we can see determines how far we can reach.

People start dying when they stop dreaming -Brain Williams

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living, satisfaction is death -George Brenard

*Final note

Never be alive without a reason, never sleep and wake up daily without an agenda, purpose or vision
- Consider Joseph the dreamer (Gen 42:9)
- Consider Job (Job 14:14)
- Consider Paul (Acts 14:10)
- Consider John the beloved who was boiled in oil but survived because he still had the vision to write the book of Revelation.

Your life is not at the mercy of your situation, your life is at the mercy of your vision. Sustain the vision, trust the process.

Today's post was greatly inspired from the "22 Laws of Life" by Dr. Paul Eneche

Have a visionary day plus an amazing weekend all in one!

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  1. Thanks Ella. I'll like to add verse 3 of Habakuk chap 2. It's a verse I've known since i was a little child. "For the vision is yet for an appointed time, though it tarries WAIT for it for it shall surely come." When it comes to vision, patience is key too. Work hard towards the actualisation of your vision but be patient too bearing in mind that God's time is the best. It may not happen at the moment we want it to but it will eventually if we strive and pray.

  2. @Dami, Preach it baby girl, preach it! Thanks for sharing


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