Moderation is the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one's behaviour or opinion.

Moderation is key to preservation. Being moderate in all we do is an element of moderation.
"The profitable becomes a curse when applied in excess."

If one oversteps the boundary of moderation, the greatest pleasure ceases to please.

For example; i. Food is needed and very important to the body because food gives life to the body and retains it in good shape, whereas, excess food or poor diet can lead to ill-health which can lead to death.
ii. Excess sweetener, salt and other ingredients can cause hazards to the body.
iii. Too much phone calls is wrong in every ramification. Moderation should be imbibed.
iv. Sleeping is awesome but oversleeping is the practice of death, reason is, death is permanent sleep!
v. Moderate makeover enhances ones beauty, but  excess makeup will make one looking like a drag queen or king.

Just to add, in Psychiatry, excess passion for attention is a psychiatric symptom. Exaggerated appeal for attention=destruction.

Today, let's apply moderation in all we do to ensure normality, because too much can hurt too much.

Have a day filled with moderation.

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