The term cynicism is referred to as a distrustful attitude, it's an emotion of jaded negativity. It is a general distrust of integrity, which could be manifested by frustration, disillusionment, distrust and previous bad experience.

Cynicism is an act which is so wrong in every ramification because those who possess such act are solely self-centered.

I had this friend who was so cool from my own assessment, little did I know there was more to being just "cool." I noticed some questionable behaviours which was the direct opposite of what I expected, this will prompt me to make a plea. Dear friends, know your friends, spend quality time with them, assessing them from a distance would do more harm than good. Like every committed relationship exhibited by couples, friendship too is hard-work. Don't be so quick to term an individual "friend." I'm guilty a thousand and one times.*coversface*

Cynicism will bring any individual to his or her downfall, because integrity which is the foundation of every form of relationship, be it business, cordial, or organizational relationship is taken away from the picture. The moment people become sensitive enough to notice this, it becomes image denting.

Cynicism destroys intimacy, it leads to a creepy bitterness that can deaden and even destroy the spirit. There is a strong relationship between skepticism and cynicism, and the opposite of cynicism is creativity. Creativity will take us to our desired position and beyond, cynicism will pull down all we have painstakingly built especially if we started so well.

See what Victoria Gisindi has to say about cynicism...

Guys, today, let's eradicate trace every cynicism and substitute it for creativity in all our dealings.

*Have a great day Fam.

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