Too Pregnant...

Lately, some may have wondered why I've not being in the habit of updating beautifully random pictures Me, Myself And I or maybe 'Us' on my social media platforms which is so untypical, reason is;
I've being Too Pregnant...

Nearly approaching my second trimester, and all I can say, "It's being Jesus all through the entire process."

The thoughts of my water breaking scares me greatly, it's a combination of an all day terror infused with assurance, but then I look behind, beside, and then up above the sky, only then do I realize I'm not alone in the entire ordeal.

It's being a process of taking in, taking in and continual taking in and my belly is gradually protruding. Adapting to this rapid physiological and psychological change is continually welcomed with streams of mixed feeling. Some days I'm doing just fine, other days, I'm frightened, it's emasculating, the hallucination and nightmares are entirely weird, it's always in my head, perpetually living me in intense state.

Yeah, often a times, it could get pretty lonely, especially at midnight hours when no one is there to rub my back and give me a feet massage, but it's well with my body and soul.

Somebody pinch me!

I'm Too Pregnant, it's eating me up, it's a real life situation, and sometimes I go revile probably because of the hormonal imbalance and conflicting dreams which they say is only normal, functional and a due process.

The whole phase can be so tiring and could get really complicated, but then, I take in shots of deep sighs and realize I still have some more rounds to go before my bewilderment of joy pops out.

Now I can't wait! I'm too confident that I'll be the best benefactor during the nature and nurture stage, I'm too certain my bundle of joy would give me reasons to look on the brighter side of life while I painstakingly dig out some more treasure.

My confession; I'm too pregnant.

*Thought I should pen down how mentally pregnant I seemed. lol

Have a great week guys. *winks+smiles

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