The Blame Theory

God: Adam! who ate the fruit that I commanded you not to eat out of?

Adam: God, it's the woman you gave to me.

Eve: It's not me God, it's the devil.

Since then, the human race has continually blamed others for their faults...

The "Blame Theory' took its root from the creation story and has being infused into the system till date.

The Blame Theory is a unique moral judgement that is both cognitive and social. It regulates social behaviour and fundamentally relies on social cognition.

That said, reincarnation of the creation story is said to have resurfaced, this time, it's here on planet earth and has come to stay forever.
Most men(e.g; Harrison my dearest friend) blame the women for not acting right, and in turn, blame it on the reason why the rate of unmarried women is on the increase. On the other hand, intelligent women ain't finding their "cock and bull" story impressive and would always defend themselves, just like I'm technically trying to do but refraining. *lol

Truth is, until we ignore the "Blame Theory" by keeping it aside where it rightfully belongs, change can never be realized.

Harry went as far as sending me a lengthy article to buttress his point, trust your girl to snap back at him with immediate effect. lol. He blamed it on the ladies for always wanting Mr perfect with zero fault who would treat them as princesses. *In my mind, I'm like which lady isn't royalty and doesn't want to be treated as a princess? I suggested that he read a book titled "What is he thinking?" by Rebecca St. James. but then, I needed to reinstate clarity, so I continued my conversation with him, which he welcomed with great delight and affirmed that I made too much sense afterwards. *you know I'm badass in a good way, don't hate. lol

In all manner of reality, Women will never agree that they have more faults than the men, to us, most guys are the most problematic beings ever encountered within the surface of the earth, this is as a result of unending lists which I'm so going to sideline right about now. lol. *Women know the list already, although our list comes with touch of varieties here and there.

I remember Harry blaming it on "bad parenting" and I remember replying him by saying, "not exactly, "social media ti take over."(I blamed it on social media). Thing is, so much work needs to be done in the life of every child, teen, youth and adult all over the word. So many factors too numerous to mention are the stumbling blocks that pose as the advocate for the "blame theory."

Until we focus on our focus which entails combating any unruly behaviour no matter the source without first Blaming, only then can we make a difference and just make perfect sense!

*Are the gods to be blamed? hehe, I don't think so... Have a great day guys.

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  1. Focus on your focus, just make perfect sense! Thanks for sharing.


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